Learning Environment at AVM

Learning is not meant to be boring at AVM. Students are given plenty of opportunities to discover what interests them, their pace and learning style, according to which teachers attempt to help them learn. 

Students and teachers share congenial relationship with each other so that students find it comfortable to ask questions. On the other hand, teachers also know students very well. As a result, teachers can find various ways to help different students as per their need.

Integrated Approach
Teachers teaching different subjects work together on common topics. That way, students find it easy to understand the context and its use. In fact, students learn best when they see connection across various subjects and their relevance to life.

When teachers communicate with each other about their courses, they find ways to connect topics when possible. This is exactly what teachers do at AVM. 

As a result, students and teachers alike go beyond content boundaries to seek, apply and reflect the real meaning of most of the contents covered.


Collaborative Learning
Ours is an unconventional class in which the teacher alone doesn't dominate the class, nor is there much of teaching from the board or books. Students usually sit in groups as they discuss their lessons. They are challenged with situations in groups and individually to which they approach originally in their pace. Learning just happens from each other and not always necessarily from the teacher.

In all of our classes most of the time, students are engaged in several activities as a result of which their critical thinking, confidence level and collaborative skills flourish.


We value co-curriculars not any less than academics, and this has been an area to work for us.  We have areas and resources to offer students enough platform so that they can explore their strengths.


We have partnered with various other talented individuals to offer our students with opportunities to explore their talent in the areas of performing arts, fine arts, music, speaking and sports. An attempt is always made to integrate these co-curricular activities into cognitive area and overall growth of students.