58 Years of Accessible Education for all

Dear prospective parents,

As we celebrate 50th year, we feel we have even a higher responsibility to serve the community in school education sector. When I assess the school’s developments in the past, we have certain reasons to be proud of.  However, I have a strong sense that we need to adopt newer trends in the education sector.  The 21st century has a lot more complicated and diverse challenges as well as opportunities than ever before.  As we move towards the 51st year of school, we are all set to make changes to our approaches as we are inspired by the philosophies of progressive education.

Venturing into progressive education requires school management, teachers, parents and community to come even closer and work together. Child development is the main agenda. Students develop into all-rounded individuals when we offer them opportunities to approach real-life issues in group settings.

We are thankful to all the stakeholders for providing support to AVM for decades and request the same for more years to come. We are excited to welcome vibrant students and families in the AVM community.

Sujeeta Manandhar